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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, enlighten and encourage those of all ages and races, and promote opportunities for positive emotional, physical, cognitive and social growth by providing support and basic services.

Bringing Joy to the Lonely

We recruit and match volunteers with isolated seniors for the purpose of restoring joy and excitement in their senior years along with creating lasting friendships. We provide companionship and activities for those that do not have family members that visit them. We also try to create a family environment during the holidays.

Day to Day Transportation

We provide to seniors, disabled people, and children day to day living transportation to the grocery store, park, laundromat, pharmacy and other non-emergency medical obligations.

*All services provided on a preregistered first come first serve basis.

Feeding Children for Our Future

Children are our future. Unfortunately, many kids can’t focus because they are under nourished. We provide free mobile meals to during the summer to compensate for the absence of the school lunch program. There are also free meals delivered to designated apartment complexes and neighborhoods as needed and free registered mobile meals. We seek to support the most vulnerable in our communities – and help them to grow to their full potential.

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Let’s Work Together

Check out the love and support from our Holiday Donations with Hot 107.9. We are so thankful to everyone involved for your support. This is a community effort – and we are so blessed to serve with our partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a community resource and provide outreach programs that include a recreational center, transportation, meals, clothing, senior support, and services which will act as a catalyst for positive development and a stronger community.

Handicap Accessible Vehicle Needed

We provide transportation services to senior citizens, disabled individuals, and children.  To better serve the community, we are in need of a handicap accessible vehicle. Help us reach our goal to expand our services to all those in need.


Visiting Volunteers

Supporting the elders in our community with friendly, compassionate care. We also provide care for disabled persons.


Holiday Donations

The holidays are strenuous on low-income families. We provide deserving families with Thanksgiving supplies, Christmas and holiday toys. Holidays should be for enjoying time with family and friends – not stress and worry.







Restoration Community Outreach

Founded in July 2014, Restoration Community Outreach is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that seeks to better our community by fulfilling our mission and vision while adhering to our values of compassion, non-discriminatory service, respectfulness, responsibility, and integrity.


We can't do it without you. Volunteers are critical to shaping the community. When you're doing something you love, it shows. Restoration Community Outreach seeks to match our volunteers to the best need. Ready to get started?

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