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About Us

Restoration Outreach Community was designed and founded to help and serve communities according to their needs. We thrive to create unity and operate in one body!

A critical objective of the program is to close the gap between our youths and seniors confined to nursing homes, and in addition, relieve seniors from Isolation, loneliness and neglect. This is important because it affords youths an insight into life, and aging, and it comforts seniors whom for the most part, just need to know that somebody really cares about them.

We seek to help those in need – regardless of age and race. We aim to promote opportunities for positive, well-rounded growth for our community!





A Notefrom the Founder

Restoration Community Outreach, Inc is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2014. It was founded out of my passion to help the underserved individuals in my community. We are located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I have personally seen how the poverty level has escalated tremendously. It sores my heart to see children and adults of all ages begging for food, money and anything else that is available to help them. Seeing things like this has inspired me to want to help in so many areas. I want children to be able to participate in recreational activities regardless of the family’s financial situation, living arrangements or any other circumstances in life. I also want adults to be ale to find their way and find purpose in life. I believe that everyone deserves a chance and some people just need an extra hand. The purpose of the community center is to open avenues that seemed to have been closed or blocked in individual’s lives. We offer resources for assistance and benefits, community service hours, dance classes, a food pantry, a clothing closet, life skills coaching, senior companionship and more.

— Angela C. Miller-Dorsey

RAISING UPOur Community

We strive to ensure that no one is left behind because of an inability to pay. 
– We help identify and isolate the needs and assist with the resources at our disposal and provide referrals to individuals and agencies as needed.

We help foster a sense of community and belonging
– Restoration is a source of information about local and regional programs, community activities, events and resources.

We encourage participation in the arts and media.
– We communicate with the community schools and churches to assure their information is available to our consumers and we seek and make available age appropriate arts and craft materials for the kids.

We provide social interactions for the forgotten senior and elderly members of our community.
– Volunteers visit our seniors and help assess their needs, coordinate social activities and interactions, but more importantly, provide basic friendship and care.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Van Gogh