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Our goal is to serve our local community with social service programs. As a Community, our social service component is directed towards seniors in nursing homes and elderly living facilities, majority of whom lack companionship and family. We work with a population of seniors, who reside in nursing homes, but find themselves lonely and without friends or family.

We relate to them as a family and perform all of the functions of family. The goal of the program is to alleviate isolation and loneliness among senior citizens confined to nursing and private homes. Our target is seniors who have no close family to visit and keep them company. The program creates “friendship units” by assigning a group of 2 youths and 1 adult per senior.

These groups of friends interact, visit, and get to know one another, engaging in various activities organized by the Program. The components of the program include the following:
— Regular weekly visitations
— Celebrations of Life (Birthday)
— Holiday celebrations, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc…
— Outing & Excursion days
— Lifetime Memoirs
— Shopping and Mall Visits


Our volunteers are trained in servicing a wide variety of people in need of non-medical care, including:

  • Stroke victims
  • Hospice at home
  • Out of Hospital recovery
  • Those who need help around the home
  • Those who need light housekeeping and someone to run errands
  • Those who need to be accompanied to doctor’s visit
  • Wheelchair and bed-bound clients
  • Respite care
  • Rehab clients
  • Those who suffer from depression
  • Dementia/Alzheimer care

We are dedicated to providing mental and physical freedom and security to your family. We allow our clients to maintain independence while getting the love, care and assistance they need in the privacy of their own homes. We realize that the decision to invite a new face into your home is a big and important one. Realizing this is what makes us work hand in hand with you by listening to your every need and providing a perfect fit to guarantee your happiness and satisfaction.

 This is a first come first served waiver based program.